I have worked with Debbie for the past few years as what you would traditionally call a coaching capacity. However, it’s SO MUCH MORE than that and I feel that it undersells what her work actually is. It’s about who you are and what purpose your professional life brings to your own life and how they interact. It’s about bringing what’s truly on the inside of you to the outside and manifesting it a very real way that – when it happens – you wonder how it was ever not what it is. Debbie’s expertise, guidance and also ruthlessness (in a good way) has led me to be able to get on the path that’s where I always wanted to be. Our monthly catch ups keep me in check in a way that no other colleague or friend can do. As a freelancer there’s not a lot of opportunity to check in with others about your work and where you want to go – how you challenge yourself and your ideas. Working with Debbie gives me that check in that’s needed so that I continue on the path that I want to be on and also challenge myself and ideas that may not be beneficial to me. In the past 3 years I have doubled my weekly income, found the work I loved to do, created space for my passions and created a life that I really love and am grateful for. I doubt I would have found that inner voice without the work I have done with Debbie.