Working with individuals and companies to help you burn brightly… instead of burning out

Debbie teaches and inspires executives how to cultivate the energy and resilience required to thrive at work and be sustainably brilliant. With a background in board level advertising, a degree in philosophy and years of training in eastern philosophy, meditation, indigenous wisdom and modern day neuro-science, Debbie helps business people to flourish in the work place.

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Speaking Topics


Get inspired with how powerful you can be at work or in life. Tame that monkey mind forever to open up new pathways to succeed. Debbie will inspire you to master the core principles of the mind with an “east meets west” approach ranging from science based neural practices to powerful eastern philosophies and indigenous based practices. Join the revolution of top creative entrepreneurs that swear by the power of meditation and mindset. Become a better leader and improve your client rapport. Option to have a live meditation exercise delivered on the day to improve the flow of your event.

Head Heart Hands

A talk on the future generation of human centric culture and leadership. Explore the new science of Heart Maths and eastern philosophy which explains how we can supercharge our business results, our performance and our impact by tuning into our deep drivers within us. Did you know that when connected to the positive emotions of the heart, our IQ increases? Our ability to make sales increase too. Learn the art of exploring the deeper meaning and purpose behind our objectives and decisions at work. Warning – be prepared to find true meaning and connection to better perform in your role.

Energy & Resilience

What does it take to be resilient and energised in the modern-day world? Energy is what gets you out of bed every day so you need to master your own flow. Learn how to be in ‘right relationship’ with yourself, others and the world around you. Understand that every difficult life situation you face holds a gem of wisdom that you need to evolve. Connect mind, body and soul together in this uplifting talk on the next generation and evolution of inner wellness and resilience. Show up at work being the best version of yourself.


Resilience & Energy Mastery 1 Day Workshop

Lift the performance of both individuals and the team by teaching the core foundations of energy management, the resilient mindset and how to manage stress and tension in the workplace. This 1-day training will ensure that your team is trained to handle their energy slumps, challenges and mental stress so that they can burn brightly at work instead of burn out. for more info click here…

Productivity & Intuitive Flow 1 Day Workshop

For high performing teams… learn the different brain wave states for better creative and intuitive flow at work. Drawing from the 4 quadrants of the PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL and SPIRITUAL – you will learn what it takes to thrive in your personal and working life so you can perform at your best. Considering energy and personal wellness underpins everything you do and how well you think, this workshop is critical for businesses that rely on people for their trade. for more info click here…

Harness Your X Factor 1 Day Workshop

Want to supercharge your performance, sales efforts or productivity? Learn to harness your individual talents and find your own unique purpose to be working at your maximum output. Aside from happy and satisfied teams doing what they enjoy and knowing why, you will also notice improved client relationships and internal communications with everyone playing to their strengths. for more info click here…

Corporate Meditation & Mindfulness Training Workshop Series

With the latest research into the benefits of meditation, ensuring your team harnesses this powerful tool is one of your most important strategies. Debbie has been teaching meditation for over 10 years and uses several types of meditation styles to match your needs. This workshop teaches your team three main meditations:

  • Moving past business obstacles/stresses
  • Achieving alpha mind flow state which assists creativity and learning
  • Future visualization to supercharge any projects and business goals. Targeting both individuals and groups, this first workshop will set the foundations and follow up workshops will cement and finetune the practice.

for more info click here…

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My core passion is to help people to look after their head-space and their heart-space so they can flourish at work.

About Debbie Pask

Need someone to inspire your team to be Mind-Fit and to cultivate Resilience and Energy?

Debbie teaches business people the super-powers of the mind and how to tune into the higher mind to get out of their own way and thrive. She helps people to understand and master their personal energy so that they can get out of bed every day and turn up to work with their mojo firing. I help people to access their deeper drivers to improve results. Get MIND FIT, RESILIENT and PURPOSEFUL to manage everyday modern life.

Debbie has a background in board level advertising, a degree in philosophy and extensive training in eastern philosophy and psychology, meditation and indigenous based tools.

Her passion for helping people access their deep intuitive self and meaning, and become ultimately “Mind-Fit” is what makes Debbie a great speaker. After conducting over 10,000 personal coaching sessions tackling issues like work burnout, partnership breakdowns, addiction issues and personal blocks to success – Debbie is an expert in what it takes for humans to really take mastery of their life and become energised and Mind-Fit.

Her own career burnout created a deep desire to get to the bottom of what helps people stay healthy in the mind and heart. Finding these answers led her to bridge the world of intuition and business, creating stronger, confident executives who know how to manage their energy, their mind and performance from a “heart and head” perspective.

Appointed to a Board Director role at age 26, Debbie broke the record of being the youngest board member to join one of the largest global Advertising Agencies. That means she understands deeply the pressures of business (managing a team of 65) alongside the intelligence of mindfulness and resilience for peak performance.

Debbie recently wrote a booked called “Zenful Business – 11 models for Peak Performance and Flow at Work” and has recorded a Business Meditation CD for busy people. Link to book, Zenful Business Book

Debbie has built up and sold two companies and regularly coaches professionals who work in professional sports, creative performance, law firms, CEO’s, tech companies, Amazon execs, interior designers, tv presenters, marketing directors, digital companies and more.

Qualifications & Experience


  • Bachelor of Arts Philosophy at Macquarie University
  • Family & Systemic Constellations Practitioner (work of Bert Hellinger) – Matt Dilges
  • Meditation Teachers Training Intensive
  • Sacred Silence – Tom Brown Junior intensive (teachings passed through lineage of Native Indian heritage)
  • Interspecies and Animal Communication – South Africa with Anna Breytenbach (see video on Spirit the black panther)
  • Sensory-Motor Art Therapy – for therapeutic healing (overcoming trauma)
  • Reiki Masters (a form of energy medicine healing) & Level 4 teachers qualification
  • Psych-K Certified Facilitator
  • Certificate in Astrology (trained @Sydney Astrology School)
  • ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) Certificate 1 day workshop
  • Russian DNA healing (Genome Healing) – based on Grabavoi and Petrov’s work
  • Kinergetics I and II (Kinesiology and Energy healing combined) – work of Philip Rafferty
  • The Journey Intensive with Brandon Bays
  • Oriental Psychology – with Geoff Wilson
  • Numerology – Completed course @Nature Care College
  • Universal Mediumship Development classes
  • Shamans Shadow workshop (Leyola Antara)
  • Advanced Shamanic Mediumship classes
  • Native American Indian Sweatlodge ceremonies


  • 2 x Companies sold – Adtopia Pty Ltd (2013) and Tick Boxer Pty Ltd (2014) – an online Advertising DIY tools portal
  • Runners-up at Entrepreneur Business School (hosted in Bali 2006)
  • Wealth Dynamics Business Profiling (Roger Hamilton XL)
  • Board of Directors Position held at George Patts (international adv. agency) in 2003
  • Employee of the Year 2003 @ George Patts advertising agency
  • Operations Business Consultant & Coach since 2003
  • Advertising Federation teacher – over an 8 Year period
  • Career in advertising and operations – includes training, change management, public speaking, managing large teams, strategic plans, financial forecasting, and analysis etc
  • Worked across both Dubai & UK as a business consultant

Client Testimonial

“Debbie is AMAZING!!! Her services were a gift from a dear friend and I have to admit it’s the best and most relevant gift I have ever received. I went to Debbie with only one desire and that was to break out of my current career and find the career that would fulfill me; the career I’d be passionate about. I couldn’t pinpoint what I truly desired in a career and I had no idea how to get there, or where to even begin. I was lost. From the first 10 minutes of my initial session with Debbie, I was so energized and excited by possibilities. In a world of so many “No’s” and “I can’t’s” and negative self-talk, Debbie is an oasis of confidence, empowerment, and love. She not only helped me focus my career goals and feel amazing about them but she helped me realize my full potential and why I had been holding myself back from achieving it. Only A few months, and a few sessions, after my first meeting with Debbie, I am solidly on my ultimate Career path, as well as on the path to achieving my true purpose. She is an intuitive, strong, wise, empowering and supportive Professional who not only leads you to discern your career purpose but also strategically and realistically helps you achieve it! It’s clear she has found her calling, now you just have to let her help you find yours!

Kristen Leigh Conklin
Photographer, Artist & Humanitarian, United States, 2017

Tools and Processes I employ

Life Purpose Process

Establishing your blueprint and purpose to live a better life

Yin & Yang Balance Work

To ensure any life decision combines both perspectives and you stay balanced in creativity and logic

Transitional Shadow Work

Helping people death and rebirth old parts of themselves so that they can grow their inner power and confidence to make big leaps forward

Mindfulness Techniques

Building awareness and alpha flow in everyday life to think, decide and act with more presence

Intuitive Problem Solving Tools

bringing chaos back to order and helping people become un-stuck with indigenous and spiritual based resolution tools

ACT & Witness Techniques

Using ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) and Witness/Observer tools to master the mental chatter and access a higher level of conscious thought

Enneagram Work

Using the Wisdom of the Enneagram (Hudson and Riso work) – a psychological assessment of the 9 personality types to help understand yourself (your needs and fears) on a deeper and very personal level.

Wealth Dynamics Profile

Using Roger Hamilton’s dynamic profiling system to ascertain your easiest pathway to business success.

Zenful Business Coaching & Training with Debbie Pask

Are you a business Owner, manager, entrepreneur?

I will help you experience a more ZENFUL life and career. Your energy is the key priority as this is your most powerful tool. Check out my 11 step method developed over 14+ years of experience. Work with me professionally in your career or a business you own – explore how to get more flow into your business and to supercharge your working life.

Life purpose Work

Get profound insights into your life path and how this can translate into a career or business opportunity. Great for re-energising a tired career too.

Career Counseling

Meet your work challenges head on with a dynamic career coaching session designed for the beginner right through to CEO level who might need a bit of privacy.

Business Mentoring

Super-charge your inner entrepreneur with a session to get you focussed, energised and with a clear vision and purpose to stay on track.

Mindfulness and Flow coaching

Learn to be more balanced, energised, focused and in flow whether working for yourself or a larger organisation.


Animal Symbols

Most indigenous cultures use animal totems (symbolism) to align their gifts with. I connect deeply with this idea and use this to develop my working style. Here are my three animal totems:-


Rising from the ashes it symbolises death & rebirth; a letting go of the old and transitioning to the new.


Dreaming your own song or story; feeling free to dream and create the things that bring you into flow and connect with the heart.


Fast paced and instinctive; the cheetah creates a clear focus or passion and bolts quickly in the direction of what is most crucial.